Fresh yellow lemon shot Hasselblad camera

This AI-generated midjourney prompt showcases a striking image of fresh yellow lemons on a seamless background, captured using a top-quality Hasselblad camera. The photograph features a top-down view and is enhanced with glistening water droplets. With professional color grading, soft shadows, clean sharp focus, and high-end retouching, the image is ideal for food magazine, award-winning, advertising, and commercial photography. The uplighting, ISO 100, shutter speed of 250, quality level 2, and vibrance level 5, all contribute to the visually appealing and captivating representation of the lemons.

AI Prompt: Fresh yellow lemon seamless background, adorned with glistening droplets of water. Top down view. Shot using a Hasselblad camera, ISO 100. Professional color grading. Soft shadows. Clean sharp focus. High-end retouching. Food magazine photography. Award winning photography. Advertising photography. Commercial photography. –uplight –s 250 –q 2 –v 5

Fresh yellow lemon shot Hasselblad camera
Fresh yellow lemon shot Hasselblad camera 2

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