Fresh yellow pear

This AI-generated midjourney prompt presents a stunning image of fresh yellow pears on a seamless background, captured using a high-quality Hasselblad camera. The photograph features a top-down view and is embellished with glistening water droplets. It is professionally color graded, with soft shadows, clean sharp focus, and high-end retouching. The image is suitable for food magazine, award-winning, advertising, and commercial photography. With an aspect ratio of 9:16, uplighting, ISO 100, shutter speed of 250, quality level 2, and vibrance level 5, this photograph captures the essence of the fruit in a visually appealing manner.

AI fruit prompt: Fresh yellow Pear seamless background, adorned with glistening droplets of water. Top down view. Shot using a Hasselblad camera, ISO 100. Professional color grading. Soft shadows. Clean sharp focus. High-end retouching. Food magazine photography. Award winning photography. Advertising photography. Commercial photography. –ar 9:16 –uplight –s 250 –q 2 –v 5

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