Photorealistic portrait Yoda

This prompt describes a photorealistic portrait photography shot of Yoda with dynamic composition, incredibly detailed, sharpened details, intricate detail, professional lighting, film lighting, 35mm, anamorphic, lightroom, cinematography, bokeh, lens flare, film grain, HDR10, 8K, shot by Marcin Nagraba and Rebecca Millen. The aspect ratio of the shot is 3:2 and the size is 750. This shot is sure to be a stunning and cinematic representation of Yoda. The combination of all of the elements listed will result in a beautiful and captivating photo.

Prompt: /imagine photorealistic portrait photography yoda cinematic shot + dynamic composition, incredibly detailed, sharpen, details + intricate detail + professional lighting, film lighting + 35mm + anamorphic + lightroom + cinematography + bokeh + lens flare + film grain + HDR10 + 8K + Marcin Nagraba + Rebecca Millen –ar 3:2 –s 750

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