Modern Small Apartment with Enhanced Artificial Lighting

A realistic horizontal photograph of a modern small apartment focusing on artificial lighting. The living area features a cozy beige sofa, a study desk with a white chair, and built-in shelves filled with books and decor items. The space is illuminated by various artificial light sources, including a pendant light above the desk, recessed ceiling lights, and wall sconces. The kitchen area is separated by a transparent yellow door, allowing light to spread throughout the apartment. The overall ambiance is warm and inviting, making the most of limited natural light. Light-colored flooring and a patterned rug add style and comfort to the living area.

The apartment effectively uses artificial lighting to overcome the deficiency of natural light. The transparent door is perfect for allowing light to spread throughout the small space, creating a well-lit and spacious feeling. This setup demonstrates how strategic lighting and design choices can enhance the livability of small apartments.

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