Cosmic candy: A neo-dada pop art journey in multicolor

An intricate, surrealistic pop art piece echoing the style of the 1970s, crafted by the likes of Sammy Slabbinck, Eugenia Loli, and Danai Gkoni. This digital mixed media artwork combines low-grade vintage photographs with a double exposure technique, all rendered through a dot matrix printer and a touch of pointillism.

The composition spotlights muted bubblegum pastel highlights intermixed with bronze and silver leaf, framing geometric shapes in a vibrant multicolor spectrum. A Zenit camera with Svema Foto 64 film lends a classic black and white texture, softened by watercolored pencil strokes.

The image embraces the Neo-Dada pop art movement, incorporating elements like fragmented portraiture, cosmiccore, candycore, movie stills, Danish golden age inspirations, and bloomcore, all within an aspect ratio of 195:90. The overall style is raw, with a complexity of 50 and size of 100.

Midjourney AI Prompt: Surrealist pop art. 1970s. Photographic collage. Double exposure. Digital mixed media. Found vintage imagery. Low grade photographs. by Sammy Slabbinck, eugenialoli, Danai Gkoni. Dot matrix printer. Pointillism. Muted bubblegum pastel highlights. Bronze and silver leaf. Geometric shapes. Multicolour vibrant. Zenit with Svema Foto 64 film. Black and white photograph. Watercolored pencil. Neo-Dada pop art. pop art color juxtaposition, fragmented portraiture, cosmiccore, candycore, movie still, danish golden age, zigzags, bloomcore –c 50 –s 100 –style raw –ar 195:90

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