Anti-gravity chocolate ice cream

As I stared in amazement, I saw a beautiful sight before me. A photorealistic floating orb of anti-gravity chocolate ice cream. It was a sight I’d never seen before and I couldn’t help but marvel at its beauty. The chocolate ice cream was perfectly round, floating in the air and looking like it was suspended by some magical force. The smooth and creamy texture of the ice cream was so inviting that I almost wanted to reach out and touch it. The smell of the sweet, chocolaty treat filled the air, making me salivate. I wanted to taste it so badly and I could only imagine how delicious it must have been. It was a truly mesmerizing sight to behold and I was thankful for the opportunity to witness such a unique phenomenon.

colorvivo a floating orb of anti gravity chocolate ice cream photo
Anti-gravity chocolate ice cream

prompt: /imagine a floating orb of anti-gravity chocolate ice cream, photorealistic, 4K –ar 3:2

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